You were meant for more. Now let's get you there.

Inspiring talks and resources to help you find more for your life.

Too many people sell themselves short.

There’s a gap between you and the life you’re meant to live. And every time you sell yourself short, that gap gets a little bigger.


  • Do you focus on the big picture or let small things distract you?
  • Do you see change as an opportunity or a chore?
  • Do you have a clear definition of who you want to be?
  • Do you take small, daily steps towards your goals?
  • Do you start most of your days anxious or excited?
  • Do you end most of your days fulfilled or discouraged?

You can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

The life you want shouldn't have to stay just out of reach.

We all want more for our lives, but we each sell ourselves short at some point in time. All that does is make you feel small and like the life you know you were meant to live is just out of reach. Shawn understands that pain and he knows that the “more” you’re after doesn’t have to stay just out of reach!

Shawn's plan to help you find more for your life.

1. Identify the "more" you're after.

Shawn’s talks will help you and your group define your dreams, whether big or small, and set your targets.

2. Get the tools to hit your target.

Shawn’s talks will leave you and your group with practical tips and tricks to stop selling yourself short.

3. Live a bigger, fuller life.

Shawn’s talks launch you and your group towards hitting your targets and setting new ones to shoot for!

I'm Shawn and I'm passionate about helping you find more for your life.

I get how frustrating it is to feel like there’s more for your life, but feeling like you may never get there. I’ve lived with my own insecurities, settled for less, and lived with the fear that I was missing out on the life I was meant to live.

But through years of seminary, leadership, and life experience, I’ve learned how to stop selling myself short and step into the ‘more’ that God has for me – and I’ve helped thousands of people do the same.

I’m passionate about helping you and your group find more for your life! So let’s get after it.

– Shawn

Talks & Tools For You & Your Organization

From conference keynotes, to church services, to corporate events, to sports teams, Shawn is acomfortable speaking to thousands and would love to inspire your group to acheive more!

Some of the groups Shawn has inspired:

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Ways Shawn can help you find more for your life.

Inspiring Talks

Churches, conferences, businesses, or sports teams - no matter the setting Shawn will energize the room and move people to action!

Encouraging Books

Shawn’s life experiences make him the perfect candidate to help you with yours. Shawn’s books will leave you filled with hope and purpose.

Effective Resources

Get practical videos, teachings, blogs, and downloads to help you build the life you want to live and find the peace you know you need.